Our deli cases are in and we are happy to be filling them full of our pasta for you. As were are just beginning to start our retail sales we are still finding our balance between wholesale and retail. Any special orders can be made by request. 

If we don't have what you want in our deli case or at the farmers market we can make it for you. Come down to the shop on 15th and Gambell to see how we make your pasta. 

Our whole wheat pasta isn't as common as our plain pasta, but if you are looking for high fiber and protein look no further.

South Anchorage Farmers Market

Our newest pasta that we make, can't be made in every cut, but still tastes great.

Whole Wheat

Come visit us at the South Anchorage Farmers Market, were going to be selling all different kinds of pasta along with ravioli. Our plan is to start off selling penne, shells, fettuccine, paperdelili, and two different kinds of ravioli. As we find our what people want we will bring different pasta along with whole wheat and gluten free. If we don't have what you want come to the store and we can make it for you.

Fresh Pasta


Our fresh pasta is made with traditional Italian semolina durum that gives it a very authentic al dente taste.

New deli cases

Our raviolis that we make are always going to be changing between cheese, smoked salmon, italian sausage and many more.

Gluten Free

Our Different Pasta

Alaska Pasta Company has been making freshly made pasta for restaurants all throughout Anchorage since 1987. Over our 29 years of operation we have been consistently making the best pasta Alaska has to offer. We use nothing more than the traditional Italian ingredients to give our pasta the "al dente" taste it deserves. As we've continued to grow we see the importance of bringing our fresh pasta to the public, so we are happy to announce that we now have our deli cases open for retail sales at our storefront. Additionally we are happy to announce that we will be a part of the South Anchorage Farmers Market where we will be selling short cut pasta, log cut pasta, and ravioli.